In Germany successfully tested to the latest motor for the rocket Ariane...

In Germany successfully tested to the latest motor for the rocket Ariane 6


Currently, the development of new engines for space rockets are used practically every day. Because most existing models are outdated and simply unable to cope with the requirements of spacecraft to transport cargo and astronauts into orbit. And one of these engines for the Ariane 6 rocket has been recently successfully tested in Germany.

Testing the new engine was done by scientists at the German aerospace center near the city of Lampoldshausen, and the device is called Vulcain 2.1. The test lasted 10 minutes and 50 seconds on the test facility P5. This version is a modification of the Vulcain 2 engine for Ariane 5 rocket. It is adapted to the new booster in order to simplify production and reduce costs. According to the developers,

“The new engine combines a gas generator, created with the use of 3D printing, a simplified divergent nozzle and oxygen heater to increase the pressure in the tank. Modification help to achieve the targets of cost for the launcher Ariane 6, while maintaining the efficiency and reliability of Ariane 5”.

Ariane 6 is the latest European carrier rocket, which is a direct competitor of the domestic complex “proton-M”. Ariane 6 is designed to launch payloads into low earth orbit. First launches of new rockets are planned to be produced in 2020 from Kourou in French Guiana. The cost of building the rocket and a new launch complex is estimated at 4 billion euros.