In great Britain developed the smallest robot surgeon

In great Britain developed the smallest robot surgeon


Engineers from the British company CMR, specializing in the production of medical equipment, announced that it has completed the development of an inexpensive, compact and practical robot that can compete with their big “cousins” and is designed to perform delicate operations.

The developers of the company Cambridge Medical Robotics said that their new robot is called Versius, its dimensions are barely above 60 by 60 inches, and the price is almost two times lower compared to similar devices.

The robot will be able to conduct operations under which the patient is not required to make big cuts, and need only small holes with a diameter up to one centimeter. Such operations also require delicacy, so the robot is very flexible — its manipulator in its properties is very similar to the human arm, and all actions of the robot can be tracked in three-dimensional display will be connected to Versius. This allows the surgeon-operator to make faster and more efficient.

A working prototype miniature robot surgeon will be available next year. Some time it will need to tested and certified, which presumably will last until the end of 2018.