In Houston curfew

In Houston curfew


В Хьюстоне введен комендантский час

Forecasters predict continued heavy rains until Thursday

HOUSTON – Houston Authorities have imposed a night curfew on the background of large-scale natural disasters caused by tropical storm “Harvey”.

Concern of the authorities has caused cases of looting, armed robberies and incidents, when people were presented by the police.

A curfew will apply from midnight to 5 am for an indefinite time. The city also attracted additional police officers from other regions.

“You can’t drive, can’t be in public places. We have problems with armed robbery, armed men – said the chief of the Houston police Art Acevedo.

After Houston hit a record heavy rains caused by the storm “Harvey”, tens of thousands of people fled flooded homes.

The storm brought catastrophic flooding in Texas. The disaster has caused the deaths of at least 12 people and paralyzed Houston, the fourth most populous city in the United States.

According to some estimates, losses could reach tens of billions of dollars, thus “Harvey” may be one of the most costly natural disasters in the United States.

The city authorities are preparing to provide temporary shelter for approximately 19 thousand people. It is expected that thousands of others would leave the area of flooding on the background of almost complete filling of the cover by the fourth day of the flood.

About one third of the territory of Harris County was under water, according to newspaper Houston Chronicle. The flooded territory in 15 times the size of Manhattan.

“Harvey” has influenced the work of exemplary fifth of refining capacity of the United States, prompting concerns about possible shortages of gasoline. Gasoline futures reached a two-year high this week. Approximately 20 percent of the refineries in Texas and Louisiana suspended work, according to the companies and estimates to Reuters.

Although on Tuesday, the residents of Houston for the first time in a few days for a short time saw the sun, forecasters predict another 15 to 30 inches of precipitation until Thursday.

Authority of Harris County residents urged to evacuate in connection with the descent of water in the overflow reservoir to reduce the pressure on the two dams. The discharge of water will probably lead to a further increase in the level of Bay, Buffalo Bayou, located in the County.

Residents living within 2.4 km from the chemical plant in Crosby County, also ordered to evacuate because of the growing risk of explosion and subsequent leakage.

The national hurricane center reported that the storm “Harvey” in Texas fell to 132 cm of precipitation. This is a record figure not only for Texas but for any storm in the territory of the continental United States.