In Japan created the perfect remedy for the flu

In Japan created the perfect remedy for the flu


Japanese pharmacists announced the creation of the drug against the flu that can kill the virus within days. It operates much faster than existing counterparts and requires only a single dose, according to the Washington Post.

The main means of combating influenza is vaccination. Drugs that treat already diseased person, there is a little bit — the fact that it is difficult to influence the virus that managed to penetrate cells. The Japanese company Shionogi decided to change the situation by applying to the flu experience gained in the development of drugs against HIV.

Usually flu drugs intended to stop the spread of virus particles of already occupied cells. A new tool is affected before, at the stage of infection of cells by blocking metalloremont. Interestingly, this enzyme was similar for both HIV and influenza.

The study showed that the drug developed by Shionogi, killed the flu virus in the patient’s body within 24 hours. It is much faster than any available on the market. For example, the popular medication Tamiflu it required three times more time. According to the researchers, the rapid destruction of the virus reduces the risk to infect others. With regard to the symptoms of the disease, its complete removal Shionogi requires as much time as Tamiflu. However, immediate relief from a new drug comes faster. In addition, it is enough to take one time and not drink for five days as Tamiflu.

Currently, drug tests continue. Impressive results the first works made by Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche to purchase the license to distribute it. The use of drugs in Japan could be approved in March, but its appearance in the United States and other countries should not be expected before next year.