In Japan has created a robot snake for the study of nuclear...

In Japan has created a robot snake for the study of nuclear power plant “Fukushima-2”


The disaster at the Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1”occurred in 2011, was for Japan a real tragedy. To this day its effects are felt, and dozens of companies and hundreds of professionals are trying to minimize the impact of this incident on the environment and the lives of the Japanese. The disaster has forced scholars of Japan to think seriously about how to avoid similar tragedies in the future. That is why they create new mechanisms for the study of nuclear power plants and identify their problems before the worse happens.

Only 11.5 kilometers from the plant “Fukushima-1” there is another nuclear plant called “Fukushima-2”. During the 2011 earthquake all of its regular units were plugged and damaged the cooling system has been repaired within a reasonable time, so the specialists managed to keep the temperature of the reactor at the proper level. A state of emergency at the station was lifted in winter of the same in 2011. However, the degree of damage one of the reactors remains unknown. It may well be that there are residual traces of radioactive melts.

Given that people approach the unit is not able, employees of the company Toshiba in conjunction with experts from the International research Institute for decommissioning of nuclear facilities has developed a special robot remotely resembling a 13-metre-long metal snake. Telescopic pipe with a panoramic camera on the end will move inside the hermetic shell of the reactor using a radio-controlled drone. Study of reactor number 3 with a robot will start in the next year. Extracting the same highly radioactive fuel in the cooling pools of reactors number 1 and 2 is scheduled for 2023.