In Moscow introduced a new system of detention exceeding the speed of...

In Moscow introduced a new system of detention exceeding the speed of drivers


Photo: Vladislav Shatilo/RBC

In Moscow developed and put into operation a system by which inspectors of traffic police will be able to hold the worst offenders of the speed limit, writes “Kommersant”

As writes “Kommersant” with reference to the Center of the organization of traffic (TSODD), in Moscow, earned system “pit stop”, which allows the DPS inspectors to quickly detain the worst offenders of speed limits on the roads.

In TMS told the newspaper that a traffic police now have 50 of the metal (complex APK “bars”) with access to the so-called common information space of Moscow city government and traffic police, contains information on all violations recorded by automatic cameras (934). The inspector promptly receive information on malicious violators of the speed limit (in excess of 60 km/h and above) in the area of the patrol crew of traffic police.

If the driver fails to apprehend, the Protocol and materials are transferred in court. If delay is not possible, to the owners of vehicles liable to a fine.

According to “Kommersant”, the system “pit stop” has created the company “the Impulse-M”, which won the tender TMS 6.8 million rubles, the co-Owner of the company — the Corporation “Stroy invest Project”, a major supplier of cameras for Moscow.

In Moscow for the first nine months of this year 12.5 thousand issued regulations for speeding on the order of 60 km/h to 80 km/h. Cao allows to deprive of rights violators, but in practice this sanction is used very rarely — 147 people were punished with deprivation for six months.

The reason is that manual radars inspectors in Moscow almost no use, and the state of employees small (1.5 thousand inspectors daily to the 1.2 million people). These automatic cameras, however, the law allows only use for fining violators.

Avtoyurist, expert team of road safety Kateryna Solovyova refers to part 3 of article 28.3 of the administrative code, according to which the regulation identified in automatic mode, the violation shall be sent solely in the form of “letters of happiness”.

According to her, the law provides for the General procedure of accountability and simplified, the latter was introduced specifically for photographic images: the presumption of innocence does not apply, and the sanction softer. “And the traffic police wants, in fact, a simplified procedure to use the maximum penalty,” she notes. The expert indicates the resolution of the Plenum № 18 the Supreme court of the Russian Federation from 2006: the inspector is entitled to make the report using photos from cameras, but at this point, the complexes should not work in automatic mode.

In traffic police of the capital, “Kommersant” explained that during the operation of the system “pit stop” used systems “off of the total automated system”. Duplication or double-involvement of the motorist for the violation is eliminated, assured the state traffic Inspectorate.