In new York, getting rid of everything that prevented to live in...

In new York, getting rid of everything that prevented to live in 2017


В Нью-Йорке избавляются от всего, что мешало жить в 2017 году

“Voice of America” has already told about the “wall of wishes” at times square in new York city, where everyone can write their hopes and dreams for the New year on tiny slips of paper. But every hope has another side – that prevents it to fruition. And from this need to get rid of. To help new Yorkers and visitors to the city to leave behind everything that hindered them to live in the past year, the times square before the New year for eleven years in a row install the mobile shredder.

According to Tim Tompkins, President of the Alliance “times square”, is the ability to write on a sheet of paper everything that is stopping us from moving forward. “Some people write very personal things: doubt in ourselves, for example; others want to leave behind their former husbands or wives, and others need to get rid of medical or other accounts. But in any case, you can write it on paper and shred it into a thousand pieces,” he says.

This opportunity, despite the cold day, used by many. Yoga, for example, wants to get rid of gadgets. “They cause stress and all the time distracting us from what’s really important: our family, friends,” she says.

Most participants hope to leave behind personal problems. For example, Caitland wants to get rid of fake friends and guys that call a word that is better not to speak publicly. And Lisa says that leaves in the past, negative people and fear. “In 2018 we must believe in the positive,” she adds.

None of those with whom we managed to talk to the correspondent of “voice of America”, said that he would like to say goodbye to Donald trump, but the desire to get rid of their government was announced.

Dragos, a Romanian from Bucharest, said that he wanted “to get rid of – mentally at least – from our government in Romania”. “Our government changed the laws so that they are now allowed to steal if up to 200 thousand euros, it will be nothing. You know? Becomes almost the same as it was 28 years ago when Ceausescu. We had such a dictator, you may have heard. So we’re trying to get rid of our government.”

Some call to destroy all that stands in their way, took quite literally. So, Pamela had brought a stack of papers, including tax returns for 1972. “All the papers that I found in the house – they’re all here,’ she says. I found the documents, whose existence has long been forgotten. Tax returns in 1972!”

Not done this show without the famous “naked cowboy”, typical street performer, which can be found at times square in this form in any weather. “The most important thing is to follow your dreams, says “the naked cowboy” Robert Burke, the following year I set myself the same goal as last year: be the coolest, most awesome every day, even in this weather! And that’s all!”

The question that he wants to leave in the past, “the naked cowboy” says: “Pants!” And the comment that he’s not wearing pants, retorted: “But I wear them in spare time. And always want to be naked!”

Well, everyone has their own dreams, and may they all come true!

  • В Нью-Йорке избавляются от всего, что мешало жить в 2017 году

    Michael Gutkin