In oil pipelines “Transneft” has no place promised to the Tashkent oil

In oil pipelines “Transneft” has no place promised to the Tashkent oil


Oil pumping station NPS-21, the ESPO system of the company “Transneft” in the Skovorodino district of Amur region

Photo: Igor Ageyev / RIA Novosti

Russia this year is no technical possibility to supply to Uzbekistan promised 500 thousand tons of oil. To increase the capacity of the pipeline “Transneft” will take a year and a half, and 270 million rubles.

The oil is, there is no place

During the visit to Moscow of the new President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, 5 APR was signed the bilateral Memorandum about the delivery to Uzbekistan of 500 thousand tons of Russian oil, said the document, which is available to RBC. However, as found RBC, technical possibilities for this Russia yet, and the authorities knew about it before the arrival of the Uzbek leader.

On 22 March, the energy Ministry held a meeting chaired by the Deputy Minister of energy Kirill Molodtsov on “About the supply of Russian oil to Uzbekistan”. It was attended by the Vice-President of “Rosneft”, LUKOIL, “Gazprom”, “RussNeft” and “Transneft” (a copy of the Protocol is at the RBC). The oil company reported readiness in the second quarter of 2017 to supply up to 200 thousand tons of oil to Uzbekistan: LUKOIL in test mode to 50 thousand tonnes of crude oil, another 150 million t, “Gazprom oil”.

However, the Vice-President “Transneft” Sergey Andronov, according to the Protocol, explained that the necessary to supply the oil pipeline Omsk — Pavlodar with the capacity of 10.3 million tonnes per year fully loaded in 2017. Through him 10 million tons of oil “Rosneft” supplies to China under the contract with CNPC, another 300 thousand t of oil — oil Kazakh producers that are supplied to oil refineries in Kazakhstan.

A nearby oil pipeline Tuimazy — Omsk — Novosibirsk-2 (TON-2) with a capacity of 10 million tons per year downloaded for the entire 2017. He goes through the territory of Kazakhstan, but also passes through Uzbekistan. According to the Protocol, “Transneft” is ready to expand TONE-2 to 11 million tons per year, which will allow to supply oil to Uzbekistan. The preliminary cost of the project will make 270 million rbl., is told in the document. Implementation period — a half years from the time of the decision. However, the extension is possible only under the condition that the oil companies guarantee load additional capacities will be determined and the sources of financing of the project.

Oil pumping station NPS-21, the ESPO system of the company “Transneft” in the Skovorodino district of Amur region

Photo: Igor Aleev / RIA Novosti

Following the meeting, “Transneft” has received the instruction to hold consultations with the Kazakh partners on the allocation of additional capacity TON-2 in case of expansion to 11 million or 12 million tons per year and submit to the energy Ministry until the end of March information on the cost of the expansion project of the pipeline and the plan of necessary activities.

The representative of the energy Ministry did not comment on the outcome of the RBC meeting on supply of oil to Uzbekistan and volumes of supplies. The representative “Transneft” Igor Dyomin has not responded to a request to RBC. So did the press service of “Rosneft” and “Gazprom oil”. LUKOIL representative said that the company is interested in diversification of oil supplies.

Plants, no oil

The representative of the Ministry told RBC that will create a working group for the implementation of the signed in the Kremlin, the Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of energy and “Uzbekneftegaz”, according to which the parties agreed to promote cooperation between Russian and Uzbek companies, including in the supply of oil to Uzbekistan. 13-14 April, the group will gather in Tashkent. Routes, volumes and dates of pumping subject to approval, these items do not exist in the Memorandum.

The representative of LUKOIL told RBC: “If economic conditions sales to Uzbekistan will not be inferior to other areas of exports, the company would be interested in such deliveries. At this moment there are no elaborated details the supply of oil to Uzbekistan, therefore, to discuss the volumes and routes prematurely.”

RBC source in “Transneft” knows about the meeting in the Ministry of energy and lack of reserves in the pipe for supply of oil to Uzbekistan. According to him, the company sent to the Ministry of information on the activities of the extension tube TONE-2, the decision on their expediency has not been made yet. According to the source, the harmonization of export schedules for oil companies engaged in the Ministry of energy.

Uzbekistan now produces 3 million tons of oil, the country intends to increase imports to 5 million tonnes per year by 2020 to download future refinery in Jizzakh region (capacity up to 6 million tons per year). The Chairman of the Board of “Uzbekneftegaz” Alisher Sultonov in late March, said about the already concluded agreements about the imminent supply in Uzbekistan, 1 million tons of oil from Russia or Kazakhstan, reports the publication

The expert of the energy center business school SKOLKOVO Catherine Grushovenko notes that the problem with the Russian oil transportation in Uzbekistan really is. “200 thousand tons is not a large amount in order to expand the pipeline. It is most likely that in the short term, the delivery will take place through the conclusion of a swap deal between Russia and Kazakhstan. The prospect of oil supplies by rail unrealistic,” she says. With regard to the growth in Russian oil supplies by 2020, it is not possible without modernization of pipelines. “Until 1991, was able to supply to Uzbekistan 7-9 million tons of oil annually through the pipeline Omsk — Pavlodar — Shymkent — Zafarobod. But now this route is preserved. It requires renovation but it is possible to restore” — says the analyst. She also notes that the supply of oil to Uzbekistan in addition to Russia are Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

“KazMunaiGaz” is ready to consider possibility of transit of Russian oil to Uzbekistan via the oil loading rack, said March 23 the Minister of energy of Kazakhstan Kanat Bozumbaev. “Now the pipeline in Uzbekistan is not mothballed, decommissioned, therefore in Uzbekistan can be transported through oil-loading rack in Shymkent. There capacity is about 2 million tons of bulk. And somewhere around 1 million tonnes now in the pipe to push through Pavlodar region to Omsk to Shymkent, where you can pour in the overpass”, — quoted Minister edition

Specialist in Asian energy markets economist Zharas Akhmetov noted that until 2013, LUKOIL was one of the main suppliers of oil to all three Uzbek refineries. But the supply was discontinued due to the debt buyers, which in the end made $100 million So before you make a decision about the deliveries of new batches of oil and to extend under the piping, the necessary guarantees of solvency of the Uzbek contractors, he said.