In Oklahoma and Kentucky are the teachers strike

In Oklahoma and Kentucky are the teachers strike


В Оклахоме и Кентукки проходят забастовки учителей

Tens of thousands of teachers took to the streets demanding higher wages and increase school funding

In the States of Oklahoma and Kentucky on Monday, tens of thousands of teachers took to the streets, demanding higher wages and increased education funding.

In both States the classes on Monday were closed, some due to the teachers strike, some due to spring break.

Recently, the same strike for nine days was in the state of West Virginia, where the teachers also demanded higher wages.

In Oklahoma, which ranks third to last in teachers ‘ salaries among the 50 States, the demonstrators say that the concessions in terms of funding, which went to state lawmakers last week, is not enough to improve the situation in education. In some schools, classes are held only four days a week due to lack of funds, and students learn from textbooks 20 years ago.

The teachers ‘ Union of Oklahoma needs to increase the salary of teachers to $ 10,000, support staff – 5 000 dollars, and also to allocate additional $ 200 million for the financing of the education system. Legislators agreed to increase the salaries of teachers only for 6 $ 100 for support staff – 1 $ 250, and to allocate $ 50 million of additional funding.

According to some teachers from Oklahoma, even with this increase they will have to seek a second or third job, working part-time as waiters or those riding lawnmowers, man, to provide for their families.

In Kentucky, teachers are protesting against changes to their pension plans, which lawmakers included in the bill on a sewer system, and require additional funding to schools. Teachers are outraged that their retirement plans are not adjusted for the increasing cost of living, and that the number of sick days that can be credited against the pension, is limited.