In Russia created the first mobile software to recognize text from any...

In Russia created the first mobile software to recognize text from any surface. Video


Technology ABBYY Real-Time Recognition

ABBYY has introduced the ABBYY technology Real-Time Recognition (RTR), designed to recognize text on a variety of surfaces. The technology can convert computer-readable text documents, labels, meter readings, license plates, etc. May also text recognition with screens of different devices.

According to Dmitry Shashkina, Deputy Director General of ABBYY Russia, is “the only product in Russia, which on-the-fly, finds and recognizes texts in any documents and the surfaces of objects.” The company reported that the technology is already used in the public sector, logistics and Telecom in the Czech Republic, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka and Cambodia, and in Russia it is of interest from the banking, insurance companies and retailers.

From ABBYY has a similar technology, but designed for the PC resources. Novelty ABBYY RTR is that it is designed for creating applications that take up to 50 MB of space and use of limited memory mobile devices.

How does the technology

To recognize the text, the device’s camera on which you have installed ABBYY RTR, hold the object with the inscription. The technology captures the image and recognizes the characters. To do a photo is not necessary – ABBYY RTR triggered by a simple pointing of the camera. The developers promise a sufficiently high accuracy of recognition, as the technology analyzes not one, but several frames, and then compares the results. In addition, the capture image in the video stream eliminates the influence of defects of photography on recognition accuracy. This is especially true for documents with highlights and holograms.

ABBYY Real-Time Recognition recognizes text from virtually any surface