In Russia there will be a plant for the construction of combat...

In Russia there will be a plant for the construction of combat robots


Already not the first year experts from the USA and Japan are preparing for a battle of bots. Of course, this is all part of the show, but soon the production of military vehicles can pass from the grade of fun into something more serious. For example, recently the representatives of the Foundation for advanced studies said that in Russia soon there will be a special robotic plant for the production of robots, where automatic mode would be to assemble a fighting machine.

The essence of the new project is that due to the selection of specific steps in the design of the robots will automatically put certain parts. In addition, the automated Assembly plant will collect information, after the treatment which can build highly specialized robots for special purposes. For example, the new pickers, robots, workers and even military units.

In the future, Russian scientists will be able to use the accumulated information that they themselves will contribute to the database. This will not only simplify the process of creating new robots, but also to make them less resource intensive production of new Assembly lines. Reportedly, basic units, which will be produced at the plant will be reconnaissance vehicles, aerial vehicles and surveillance equipment.