In Russia will create an analogue of Tamiflu

In Russia will create an analogue of Tamiflu


For development of medicines against swine flu is allocated 33 million rubles from the budget

Photo: urban news Agency “Moscow”

By 2019, in Russia should appear national analogue antiviral medication Tamiflu. This follows from the documentation of open competition of the Ministry of education. The study will provide 33 million rubles. The development of affordable domestic medicines will increase the effectiveness of treatment of influenza, according to officials.

The domestic remedy would be the analogue of a Swiss drug Tamiflu, which is not yet as efficient competitors.

The Ministry of education believe that due to the high mutational ability of the flu virus and the possibility of infected people continues to keep the issue of developing, testing, and selection of reliable means of prevention and treatment.

— Fundamentally important for biological and economic security of the Russian Federation have established the synthesis of substances potentially patentable neuraminidase inhibitor (active ingredient of Tamiflu. — “News”), — consider in the Ministry.

Developed a drug must be established on the basis of a new salt of oseltamivir (this salt is the basis of Tamiflu), in the form of tablets or capsules.

Through 2019 for implementation of the project would require 33 million (20 million in 2017, and 11 million for 2018 and 2 million in 2019). Thus according to the rules of research must be involved in extra-budgetary funds (25%).

The drug will be invented in the framework of the program “Development of pharmaceutical and medical industry of the Russian Federation for the period till 2020 and further prospect” (“Pharma-2020”), approved by the government in 2011. The Ministry of education is looking for a contractor to carry out clinical trials.

— In the framework of the program “Pharma-2020” is development of technologies and organization of production of a number of vital and essential medicines of chemical and biological origin. Currently completed 25 of public contracts, including developed three original drugs, biosimilar six, 15 generics, and also developed technology, chemical and biotechnological synthesis of a wide range of active pharmaceutical substances, — said General Director of group of companies “R-Pharm” Vasily Ignatiev.

Clinical pharmacologist Yulia Filippova noted that Tamiflu is “one of the most expensive drugs for the treatment of influenza and at the same time, one of the few with proven efficacy”.

— The drug has many advantages over other antiviral agents. According to currently available data, the level of resistance of influenza viruses to the drug is less than 0.4%, — said Yulia Filippova.

The expert also noted the emergence of domestic analogue Tamiflu would make more use of the drug and to provide quality health care to patients with influenza.

However, she added that the production of medicines, is equivalent to the original drug requires a huge financial investment.

Doctors believe that Russia need such an analogue, but on condition that it should be cheaper.

— This analog is needed, but only if it is cheaper than Tamiflu. Tamiflu — a quality product, but very expensive. So we need to develop at least as good and cheaper — said the head of Department of one of the Moscow clinics Elena StatLine.

Swiss drug Tamiflu at pharmacies in Russia is 1100-1300 rubles per 20 tablets.

The head of the Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers Viktor Dmitriev considers that the domestic analog will be cheaper overseas.

— We will have a cheaper cost of drugs. That is, less money will be spent on production. We have electricity cheaper manufacturing and labor. And most importantly, the drug will be produced in Russia and there will be costs to import, — said Victor Dmitriev.

He also added that we should try to bring the domestic drug on the world market.

The drug Tamiflu mass discharged during the outbreak of swine flu in 2009. Then the world health organization (who) recommended the use of a medicament for the treatment of this variety of influenza. The company’s experts came to the conclusion that Tamiflu reduces the duration of flu symptoms from seven days to 6.3 in adults and 5.8 in children. Later, there were studies indicating that similar effects on the body and has a traditional paracetamol.