In search of the ideal

In search of the ideal


Artist Nikas Safronov — the true essence of female beauty

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I, as an artist, it is obvious that beauty is a concept which has no precise definition. It’s more of a feeling than a concept. Especially when it idkt about female beauty. My life is constantly filled with people, I see a lot of people who pay attention to them… I Must say that all the creative ways I’ve never felt the desire to become a portrait painter, but eventually began to receive many orders for portraits. Therefore, improving in this genre, I studied world art and experience gained in this direction of different painting techniques and practices. And your author’s style Dream Vision, I also use in the portrait genre.

I can write a portrait of a man just because he liked me, his face was drawn, interested: expression, emotion, a surprisingly clear imprint of the character or past life. Person is able to tell about people more than their clothes than what they say about themselves. To write a good portrait means to understand the man, and through him a little better understand the world. Because the world is people.

And women including. They largely shape our world.

Female beauty is an integral part of inspiration of many artists. The artist is more pronounced commitment to the ideal than the average person. And at the same time he knows that the established ideal does not exist, that all beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But it is not necessary to concentrate on thoughts that is not ideal, because the desire to seek him is always there.

As we can see in the same art at different times on a pedestal of beauty were built completely different. Many of them came to be regarded as synonymous. Curvy Rubenesque goddesses, chiseled face and figure of the characters Cranach, clean and serene faces of the Madonnas of da Vinci, even “salon”, but attractive as a perpetual holiday, lady Sargent or Boldini… Raphael said: “to write beautiful woman, you need to go through hundreds of thousands of interesting women — people are not perfect”. And in Japan, for example, the female breast has remained far beyond notions of femininity. There for a long time the standard of beauty was considered a delicate Japanese woman with small hands, feet and completely flat chest.

I important forms, femininity, grace, love of life. The woman is the one who knows that she is a woman, and feels what is happening around her, able to interact with the outside world. Every woman has their own unique traits — do not have to be classically attractive. I catch something in the gait, the look, the ability to laugh naturally. How it is silent, turns, or even sleeping. Any detail can reveal the beauty, reflected by the reflection of the amazing female strength through which a woman can not only become a Muse, but also to win the heart of sophisticated of the king, to wage war and change the course of history.

That is why I have a lot of portraits in the style of symbolism. My perception of beauty is a rich associative array, and thus, I reinforce or highlight the impression of the portrayed person, from his personality, to create on canvas a special interpretation.

I always like to see in person the natural ingredients. A woman can like her if she’s just pretty and well-groomed, tastefully dressed, watching him in some simple things. Radical haircut, tattoos, of course, have a right to exist, but in my eyes this is somewhat at odds with the understanding of beauty, nature and destiny of women. I find a beautiful women in a state of pregnancy in the last months in this state, the baby is amazingly a lot of tenderness, mystery, the very essence of the universe. The feeling that she is a angel or God!

A woman can be incredibly beautiful at any age. The closest example of this for me — Sophia Loren. I guess if I still describe my ideal, I would prefer to talk about Sophie. I saw her picture in the magazine “Soviet screen”, when I was a child, and it seemed to me that she is a Goddess. I put this photo in front of the bed and prayed, as on the Shrine. We can say that the entire conscious and unconscious life I wanted to meet my ideal. And when we met her in 1988, it was magic. Moreover, we became friends, we are always connected. Sophie even came to Moscow for my birthday in 2015.

Maybe not coincidentally, my eternal Muse Sophie and his second wife Francesca, which I loved — both Italian. Some Italians have a vivid visual image: dark hair and eyes, rich, feminine shapes, sensuality, fiery, passionate smile. And yet a great love for children and family. I am interested in the face of the biblical type. No wonder the great Italian artists have produced many beautiful images of the biblical Madonna with pure, noble persons, which are like beautiful Italian women.

Author — honored artist of Russia

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