In Shanghai built a proving ground for testing drones

In Shanghai built a proving ground for testing drones


After drones became a popular pastime among the Chinese, the government began to think about the conduct of registration of drones. In addition, are in development and use of remote-controlled aircraft.

From June 2017 Chinese fans of drones required to register all vehicles whose weight exceeds 250 grams, and in order that the owners could explore the possibilities of devices, the Association of aircraft owners contributed to the construction of a special landfill near Shanghai.

In Eastern China was more than a hundred major manufacturers of aircraft. These enterprises not only to export, but create products for the domestic market. Now in East China was more than 120 thousand drones, so they need somewhere to run.

“Polygon will be a great place where every owner will be able to master the subtleties of control the drone and to learn the rules of their operation”, — quotes the head of the Association of owners of aircraft to China Daily.

In addition, this test facility will allow to test the vehicles not only owners, but also manufacturers. All flights on the ground are at altitude up to 150 meters under the supervision of experts, ensuring the safety of visitors.