In southern California the danger of forest fires

In southern California the danger of forest fires


На юге Калифорнии сохраняется опасность лесных пожаров

Meanwhile, to fight the fire, “Thomas” in Los Angeles thrown more than 6,300 people

According to the forecasts of meteorologists, in southern California the danger of the rapid spread of natural fires due to gusty winds and extremely low humidity. However, the strength of these winds will be significantly lower than last week, when the region was the outbreak of numerous fires.

The national weather service reported that up to Thursday, the wind speed can reach 60 km per hour. This is less than half the rate that was observed in the area of Los Angeles last week.

Wind Santa Ana contributed to the emergence of one of the largest and most destructive fires in California history, which is raging in 160 km to the Northwest of Los Angeles.

The so-called “fire Thomas” covered an area of over 930 square kilometers, and destroyed 800 buildings in the County of Santa Barbara after the occurrence of a week ago. Authorities report that as of Monday evening they managed to take control 20 percent of the territory of the fire.

The representative of fire service of California said at a briefing on Monday evening that the last time this site wildfires occurred in 1964, so that the fuel for the fire there for over 50 years.

In fighting the fire, “Thomas” involved more than 6,300 people. Additional reinforcements arrived after firefighters in recent days managed to take control of several smaller pockets of fire.

Because of the fires, more than 200 thousand people were forced to leave their homes. Power gives people the facial bandages to protect them from the smoke. Several schools were closed.

On Friday, President Donald trump introduced in California a state of emergency because of the fires, which allows Federal agencies to participate in coordination efforts on assistance.

The fires in southern California this time of year are quite common, given the strong winds and dry vegetation.

In October, the wildfires in Northern California killed 44 people and destroying 8900 houses and other buildings.