In the application Meitu appeared robot artist, designed with the help of...

In the application Meitu appeared robot artist, designed with the help of AI


Few who have not heard about the app Meitu, which is known for using the latest technologies to improve user imagery. This time the creators of the app decided to go ahead and have built in Meitu a trained robot artist, designed using artificial intelligence technology.

Art-bot for Andy, as it was called developers, not just impose effects on the original image, as do many other similar apps. The robot arranges the pictures on a plurality of components, and then rekonstruiruet and turns pictures into real pictures. All Andy takes a few seconds.

To use the robot, select the app Meitu item “Tech Magic”, take a selfie or select a photo and select an effect from the proposed range and save the finished picture in the gallery. The result can also be share with friends on social networks.

In the analysis of pictures art-bot divides the image into segments (like a real artist) and is able not only to recognize people, but also to separate their figures from the background image. In fact it is one of the first examples of the use of algorithms for the use of the intellect in art. Of course, to Picasso or van Gogh the robot is still far away, however, the emergence of a new kind of “painting the future” can not but rejoice.

As the creators say Meitu, Andy constantly trained and improved, so his drawing style is getting better. Of course, the service is more aimed at the ladies, but men, as we have seen, can also be interesting, especially from a technical point of view. To try the application for free like on Android, and iOS.