In the Czech club appeared robot-DJ

In the Czech club appeared robot-DJ


DJ age-old question about what is better, vinyl or digital, moved, finally, into the background. Now it is much more important is another point: who is the better man, a DJ or a robot? It seems that the leadership of the Prague club Karlovy Lazne decided that the robotic arm-the DJ is worthy to try yourself in the unusual field. So the club hired a robotics company that helped create robotica.

In order to play quality music sets, modified robomoderator uses complex software, specially designed for him by a group of programmers. Due to the quality soft robomoderator not only can select songs to grab the claws need plates and put them in place. He knows how to “dance” to the music and do the scratching.

Despite this newfound ability, the robot DJ can’t play long sets and limited time performances, in which he is accompanied by a private programmer.

Despite the fact that many visitors hand-DJ already had grown to love, he knows how to do not all, and the behavior of people on the dance floor he does not react. Conventional disc-jockey, this is no problem, so it can put on someone’s request a specific record, or seeing the mood of the public, immediately for her to adapt. So if Robo-hands and deprive ever regular DJs work, it is clearly not so soon.