In the division of Bank “Soviet” passed investigative actions

In the division of Bank “Soviet” passed investigative actions


Branch of Bank “Soviet”

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The police on the morning of 22 December held the investigative actions division of the Bank “Soviet” in St. Petersburg, wrote “Fontanka”. In the financial institution searches denied

Information about the investigation in the St. Petersburg branch of Bank “Soviet” confirmed RBC a source close to the leadership of the Ministry of internal Affairs. As reports the edition “Fontanka” with reference to unnamed sources, searches in the departments of the Bank “Soviet” on the morning of 22 December held the staff of the Department of economic security interior of Russia together with colleagues from several regions. According to the publication, investigative actions are in the Bank’s branches across the country. In particular, in St. Petersburg in involved field investigators of management of economic safety and counteraction of corruption GU MVD in the city and region.

At the same time in the call-centre of Bank “Soviet” RBC stated that information about the searches is not true, everything works normally. The Deputy CEO of Bank Victoria Vashkulat also denied RBC a message about the searches: “This is not verified information. We have no searches is not performed and office work in a regular mode. Against the Bank any investigation and criminal proceedings are not conducted.”

The official representative of the Bank Vladimir Solodov told RBC that the searches in the institution was not conducted. According to him, two members of the “Soviet” received a summons they have to appear for questioning in a criminal case brought by the Bank against the former shareholders of companies.

Bank “Soviet” was sanitized by Tatfondbank, and in mid-March was acquired. At the beginning of December it became known that the financial problems arose at the very Tatfondbank. The Bank of Russia 15 Dec imposed a moratorium on satisfaction of creditors of the Bank for a period of three months. At present, Tatfondbank has a temporary administration, checking his financial condition. According to the results of its work will be decided about the future of the Bank.

Bank “Soviet” (license No. 558) was founded in 1990. This is one of the first banks established in Russia. Headquartered in St. Petersburg.

The Bank was founded in October 1990 on the basis of branch of “Soviet” Promstroibank of the USSR in Vologda. Until mid-2001 when the decision was made to move to St. Petersburg, he worked within the borders of the Vologda region. In November 2004, the Bank joined the Deposit insurance system.

From may to August 2015, the owners of the Bank were Alexander Teplyakov (19,16%), Mr Marusin (of 19.07%), Andrey Karpov (15,00%), Oleg Nekrasov (9,20%), Cyril Laskin (9,20%), Oleg Nikolaev (3,07%), Egor Babaev (3,02%), Gleb Shahov (1.75 percent), Alexander Starovoitov (9,65% through OOO “Spetstreyding), Anatoly Nesterov (6,93% through CJSC “Law firm of the Unified energy system”), charitable Foundation “Tree of life” (2,98%), minority shareholders (0,93%). The Board of Directors the Bank is headed by the son of Vladimir Mitrushina, a former top Manager of Krasbank Stanislav Mitroshin.

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