In the future anonymous blockchain transactions can be declassify

In the future anonymous blockchain transactions can be declassify


So many appreciate the anonymity of blockchain transactions could be temporary phenomenon, convinced Garrick Hileman, doctor of economic Sciences from Cambridge. He warned all romantics, noting that sooner or later all secret becomes obvious.

Despite what is now an anonymous cryptocurrency payments are widely accepted in the Darknet and not only, to consider them completely safe prematurely. According to Hileman, this anonymity cannot be eternal because with the development of technology surely there will be ways to bypass the seemingly inviolable anonymity.

As an example, the scientist brought the story about the cyclist Lance Armstrong who won the race “Tour de France” seven times in a row, but was stripped of all titles over the years, as in his earlier analyses, Brassica before the competition, were able to detect banned substances. At the time of the race tests seemed clean but with the advancement of technology to detect doping was not working.

In addition, transactions are written to the blockchain, so if in the future it will be possible deanonimizatsii, the competent authorities as soon as receiving the permission, will be able to quickly learn who is who and why translated a tidy sum in bitcoins and other popular “coins”.

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