In the midst of a hurricane: “It was a complete nightmare”

In the midst of a hurricane: “It was a complete nightmare”


В эпицентре урагана: «Это был полный кошмар»


In the midst of a hurricane: “It was a complete nightmare”


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At least one person was killed in Florida after his house fell a tree

The hurricane Michael, who on Wednesday collapsed in the North-West Florida, turned the houses into piles of wreckage and flooded entire neighborhoods, and then continued his destructive movement into the South-Eastern United States.

He became the most powerful hurricane that hit the continental United States in almost 50 years, and led to the death of at least one person.

“Michael” brought down to the coast and slant rains, powerful wind gusts and strong waves, flooding the streets and docks, pulling from the root of the trees, turning the shelters into dust and tearing the shingles. The hurricane caused explosions of transformers and deprived of electricity more than 388 thousand homes and commercial buildings.

A resident of Northwest Florida was killed by a falling tree on a house, a spokesman for the County Sheriff Gadsden it was angley Hightower. According to her, the rescuers who tried to reach the house, barred by fallen trees and debris blocked roads. The victim’s identity has not been established.

Significant damage to Panama city. Almost everywhere you can see broken or uprooted trees and fallen power lines. With homes ripped off roofs, and the houses caved in by fallen trees. Lying on the ground, mangled road signs.

By evening the rain had stopped, though the sky was still overcast and the wind was blowing, and the locals appeared on the streets to assess the damage.

29-year-old Beat Vance stood with his mother at their home in the residential complex Spring Gate Apartments, consisting of one-storey wooden houses. Fallen pine tree punched a hole in the roof, and Bute said that the roar of the storm was like the sound of a jet engine, when the wind increased. They have ears, when the pressure fell.

“It was terrible, honestly. There was a lot of noise. We expected that Windows can shatter at any moment. We barricaded the Windows inside mattresses,” he says.

A resident of Apalachicola Sally crown tried to wait out the storm in their home. She thought that the most serious damage happened in her yard. The trees were felled. But when the storm was gone, she decided to check the cafe, which she runs, and saw the horrific destruction.

“It was a complete nightmare. Disaster, she said. Everything was flooded. Boats on the roads. The house on the road. The house, which seemed to be always standing there, simply turned into ruins”.

Shortly after the storm went inland, the Governor of Florida, Rick Scott promised a “vigorous” search and rescue operations will begin as soon as weather conditions permit. He urged people to stay away from roads littered with debris.

“If you and your family managed to ride out the storm, the worst thing you can do is act stupid,” he said.

In connection with the approach of “Michael” authorities urged to evacuate more than 375 thousand residents of the Gulf coast. But the rapid and rapidly increasing storm gave people little time to prepare. In addition, representatives of the emergency services lamented that many did not heed these warnings and decided that they can wait out the storm.

57-year-old Diane Farris and her son were converted into a shelter school near his home in Panama city, where about 1100 people gathered in the room, which seats half a smaller amount. Neither she nor her son was not able to contact anyone because their only cell phone got wet and stopped working.

“I’m worried about my daughter and grandson. I don’t know where they are. It’s hard,” she said, wiping her tears.