In the modern world is going to get you anywhere. Even where...

In the modern world is going to get you anywhere. Even where you do not expect


Safe places anymore. At least safe from advertising. A time when even an ordinary trip to the toilet was the last, pardon the pun, an outlet for private life, coming to an end. And all thanks to a young Dutch company offering to equip public toilets “smart” urinal, ready to stuff you with ads while you will be busy with their business. And for sure that you still “absorb” the advertising message, “smart toilets” will not scroll the is constantly. No. To finish off your nervous system, the rollers will run only in the moment when you actually get down to to the task for which you came to the toilet.

Ironically, the company offering this surgery on your psyche, called Mr. Friendly (“Mr. Friendly”), but somehow it seems unlikely that many people will be able to appreciate all the “friendliness” of this venture.

On its official website Mr. Friendly offers to acquire “unique bioessay with huge advertising potential.” And if you look at the situation from a technical point of view, the technology really looks like a win-win in the end, once you are at the urinal, most likely, will not be able to move from it some time. In this regard, Mr. Friendly guarantee “40 seconds attention of a gentleman”, which is ideal in order to demonstrate a particular commercial.

The video will be shown in a special built-in urinal display and run only when embedded in it the sensors will detect the presence of the person in front of them. Moreover, “smart” urinal even why it was built-in the function “remote cloud management” that allows the owner to remotely control the advertising content displayed on the screen. It is strange that the camera is not embedded.

“Mr. Friendly understands the importance of a suitable method of transmitting advertising messages when people are most open to receiving information. Therefore, we believe that the most suitable moment for this is a time when people are simply unable to avoid this message, ignore it, and can focus their attention on the message. This is very rare, especially in our modern world”, — reports the website of the company.

That is, people will have to actually experience the role of psychological hostage until until they empty their bladders.

No, of course “smart” toilets don’t seem so crazy, especially if they offer the opportunity not keep them clean, kill odours and use water more efficiently. But somehow it seems that such options as the one described above, but rather just trying to parasitize on the definition of “smart gadget”. Sad in this situation the most is the fact that to see it all will likely not succeed, because all your attention will be drawn to the advertising screen, pointing you right in the face.