In the United States celebrate veterans Day

In the United States celebrate veterans Day


В США отмечают День ветеранов

Vice-President Mike Pence took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at Arlington cemetery

President Donald trump at Saturday released a special video message, thanking the “millions and millions” of veterans who served the United States. On this day, November 11, the country celebrates – veterans Day became a national holiday in 1954-m to year, and initially symbolized the memory of the end of the First world war on 11 November 1918.

In the video posted in the official Twitter of the US President, the White house noted that today, when all of America celebrates veterans Day, he is obliged to Express gratitude and recognition to all former soldiers and members of their families.

“This beautiful veterans Day, I want to Express my incredible gratitude expressed by the American people, millions and millions of veterans who have bravely defended our country, and their strong families, whose love and support allowed them to do their duty,” he said.

Donald trump also said that veterans are “the best example” for young Americans.

He urged lawmakers in Congress to remember that many veterans are in need of public assistance.

“America must fulfill its duty to you, said Donald trump. We must do everything to ensure that our veterans receive the support and care that they deserve.”

On Saturday morning the Vice-President of the United States, Mike Pence, along with volunteers helped to clean the territory near the memorial to veterans of the Vietnam war in downtown Washington.

He later, Secretary of defense James Mattis and Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff Joseph Danforth took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at Arlington national cemetery.