In the United States for the first time approved the use of...

In the United States for the first time approved the use of medical exoskeletons


In recent times various firms are producing more of the exoskeleton for a range of needs, from devices to help the porters to a special military models. It is one thing to create an exoskeleton, and another to obtain permission for its use. And recently in the U.S. finally approved the use of the first medical exoskeleton.

The exoskeleton is called HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb), and developed in Japan back in 2011. Medical exoskeleton designed to increase the power of the media. The device sensors are attached to the feet of the user and read the electrical impulses sent by the brain. On the basis of whether the movement at the moment “wants” to produce the brain, the exoskeleton makes the corresponding move. While HAL has automatic, manual and hybrid control modes that allows patients to gradually regain the ability to walk independently.

Previously, the HAL exoskeleton has already received certificates for use in Japan and in the EU. At this point in medical institutions sold more than 10,000 devices. It is worth noting also that there is non-medical version of the HAL, which makes it easier to perform heavy physical work, 10 times increasing the endurance of the carrier.

And finally, another fun fact: for developing a robotic exoskeleton meets a company called Cyberdyne Inc. That was the name of the company-the Creator of SkyNet from the franchise “Terminator”. Does the Corporation man named miles Dyson, unknown at this time.