In the United States have developed a drug for fat burning without...

In the United States have developed a drug for fat burning without dieting


Researchers at the University of Texas have developed a new deblocking the metabolism and accelerates the metabolism of a drug that help to lose weight, not sitting down while on the diet. NNMT protein, is produced in large quantities fat cells, starts to slow down your metabolism, preventing efficient fat burning in cells. The new drug, created by American scientists, blocks the action of NNMT, accelerating metabolism and contributing to weight loss.

The drug is already tested in mice, fat after a prolonged diet high in fat. Ten days after treatment the amount of fat cells in mice decreased by 30 percent, and body weight decreased by seven percent. Decreased level of blood cholesterol returning to normal values. While the mouse continued to eat fatty foods, the mice from the second group who were not given drug continued to gain weight.

It seems that the Texas researchers were able to bring to reality the dream of many people who are overweight. If the drug passes the test and gets to the pharmacy, to effectively lose weight, you will without grueling exercising and dieting, is reported by the New Atlas.