In the United States resumed accepting applications from “dreamers” to be protected...

In the United States resumed accepting applications from “dreamers” to be protected from deportation


В США возобновлен прием заявлений от «мечтателей» на защиту от депортации

Earlier, the court suspended the decision of the President of trump about the cancellation of the DACA program

The US government announced the resumption of acceptance of applications for granting protection in the framework of the program of deferred action for arrivals in the U.S. children (DACA).

A Declaration of Service, citizenship and immigration, the United States appeared after a few days ago, a judge temporarily blocked the decision of President Donald trump to terminate the program later this year.

“Until further notice… the DACA program will be carried out on the terms in force before its repeal on 5 September 2017,” – said in a statement posted on the Agency’s website.

The statement said that persons who were previously granted protection under DACA, can apply for its renewal. At the same time, the document notes that the Agency will not accept applications from individuals who were never participants in the program.

Deferment under DACA provides prosecutors the ability for the selective application of immigration laws.

In September 2017, the President of the United States Donald trump canceled the DACA program, introduced by former President Barack Obama to protect from deportation approximately 800 thousand immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children and stayed in the country illegally. The program allowed them to live, work and study in USA. Many young immigrants, often called “dreamers” don’t know any other home except the United States.

In announcing the termination of the program, trump has given the Congress time till March 5 to develop a bill to provide participants in the DACA equivalent measures of protection.