In the United States will report on the possibilities of expanding sanctions...

In the United States will report on the possibilities of expanding sanctions against Russia


В США представят доклады о возможностях расширения санкций против России

The reports prepared by the state Department and the Ministry of Finance by order of Congress

In the United States prepared a number of reports about the possibilities of expanding sanctions against Russia, including – list of Russian oligarchs and potential constraints in respect of debt obligations of the Russian government.

Recall that the differences between Moscow and Washington are connected with the accusations against Moscow of meddling in the presidential election of 2016, as well as conflicts in Ukraine and Syria.

Reports podgotovili the Ministry of Finance and the Department of state, by order of Congress.

В США представят доклады о возможностях расширения санкций против России

“The Ministry of Finance… plans today to report and bring this process to the next level,” – said on Monday, CNN Deputy press Secretary of the White house. A little later, another White house spokesman said that the report, expected to contain a list of persons suspected of violations.

It is still unclear whether the publication of the reports to the new sanctions, however, the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Russia considers these reports attempt to influence the forthcoming presidential elections in March.

Congress and millions of Americans urged to punish Russia for meddling in the election. However, on closer examination raised in the reports of the issues it becomes clear that the initiative is much bigger than just an attempt to harm Russia’s economy or respond to the intervention in the elections.

In the reports of the Ministry of Finance and the state Department explain what agencies are involved in the process and how it will be implemented by the decisions taken.

In July, Congress overwhelmingly adopted the law on sanctions in the relations of enemies of the United States. The document, signed by the President, despite his objections, instructs the administration to introduce sanctions against legal entities and individuals related to the Russian defense and intelligence sectors.

In the end, the list included 33 individuals. If companies from other countries are found to be involved in the conduct of Affairs with these individuals, they can be sanctioned.

Earlier, the Representative of the Ministry of Finance told the Newsweek magazine that the Agency is actively working on reports about the Russian oligarchs and the possible extension of sanctions, which could affect government liabilities and derivatives.

“Every time sanctions are imposed, their effect on the wider alleged, – says the representative of the Ministry of defense Mario Mancuso. – If you do business on an international level, familiar with sanctions laws and know that you can do business with a certain person from Russia, you may still prefer not to do, even if it is not forbidden, thinking, “when is the next strike?”. The US government knows that.”

According to close to the point source at the state Department, the sanctions policy of the USA concerning Russia clearly requires the government of Putin to stop interfering in Ukraine and to implement the Minsk agreement concluded in 2015, with Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia to ensure peace in Ukraine.