In the West wing of the White house will ban the use...

In the West wing of the White house will ban the use of private phone


В Западном крыле Белого дома запретят пользоваться личными телефонами

It is emphasized that the ban due to security concerns, and not leak

In the coming days in the administrative offices of the White house banned the use of mobile phones, said on Thursday the press-Secretary of administration Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“The security and integrity of technological systems in the White house is one of the priorities of the administration of the trump, and in that regard, starting next week, in the West wing is forbidden to use any personal devices for both guests and employees, the statement says Sanders. – Employees will be able to conduct business using devices issued by the government, and to continue their hard work in the interests of the American people.”

According to Saunders, the decision is due to security concerns, “and not a leak.” According to the Associated Press, employees and guests of the White house will be able to take phones into temporary storage at the entrance to the West wing.

The ban was imposed by chief of staff John Kelly, who also cited security concerns, but also noted the need for leakage control.

Since taking office, the President trump have repeatedly complained about leaks to the media from members of his team, however, the administration insists that the ban is not associated with the leaks.

Banning was announced on the next day after the scandal around the former chief strategist of the White house Steve Bannon, who allegedly made disparaging comments about trump and some of his relatives in an interview for the new book by Michael Wolff that should soon get published.

Wolff spent a lot of time in the White house, preparing interview with Bannon and Deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh. According to the information resource Axios, Wolffe there are audio recordings of interviews, however, it is unknown whether they were made on personal mobile phone.

Some White house staff Express concern that can’t use personal phones to communicate with relatives in case of need.

The Agency for national security in a classified briefing also warned the White house that the use of personal phones for work may expose employees to the risk of hacker attacks from China, Russia and other countries.