In West Virginia, the ongoing teachers ‘ strike

In West Virginia, the ongoing teachers ‘ strike


В Западной Вирджинии продолжается забастовка учителей

Teachers demand salary increase

In West Virginia on Monday, do not work all 680 schools throughout the state for the third day is teacher’s strike.

Teachers demanding higher wages in the state, occupying 48th place in the country the size of teachers ‘ salaries. According to the teaching Association of West Virginia, the average teacher’s salary in the state is 44 701 dollar, the salary beginning teacher – $ 32 435.

The Governor of the state Jim justice signed a decree on increasing salaries of teachers 2 percent next year and 1 percent in the next two years. However, teachers believe such an increase is insufficient, especially given the rising cost of medical services.

According to the President of the Pedagogical Association of West Virginia Dale Lee, on Monday thousands of teachers back to the protest at the state Capitol in Charleston to put pressure on legislators and the Governor.

“People are angry, – he wrote in an article for the publication National educational Association. – When thousands of people take to the streets and say that’s not enough and need to fix the situation, we hope they will listen… I can talk endlessly about how our teachers and other educators seek to be heard.”

“There is a limit, – said the Governor of the state in interview to the newspaper Charleston Gazette Mail. Our teachers should be in classrooms. Lawmakers expressed their views, I signed the law on increase of salaries. Teachers should be in classrooms, children should be in school, parents should not be forced to miss work because of this terrible violation of regulations”.