In which countries invest Russia

In which countries invest Russia


In 2016, the investment of domestic companies in foreign real estate has reached an eight-year low

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Russian investments in foreign real estate is greatly reduced. According to the Bank, financial investments for the year 2016 has decreased by almost 10%: in 2015 they amounted to $962 million, and last year fell to $860 million But at the end of the year the situation began to improve, and now experts predict a sizeable growth of investment in 2017.

On this occasion, we decided to remember what objects in different countries of the world invests in Russia.

One of the largest countries-investors

The large cash infusions coming in raw material — oil, steel and gas industry. Only from 2006 to 2010 the volume of investments in Poland, Brazil, Indonesia and South Africa increased more than two times.

Russia is now included in the list of largest investor countries. The international reserves of the country were assessed on the November 2016 $385 million Since that time they have increased almost $10 million Above Russia in the ranking of international investors located in China, Japan, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. While the leader of the list — China — a total of more than $3 billion.

Latin America

Since the days of the USSR, Russia and Cuba have established warm relations. Countries continue economic cooperation today, including in the energy sector. For several years, our country was built on the territory of Latin American States, several power plants of 800 MW, and tools that domestic companies are ready to spend $1.35 billion

Another perspective from the investment point of view Latin American country, according to Russian businessmen, is Venezuela. In July 2016 during the visit, the head of “Rosneft” in Karas was signed agreements worth $20 billion, according to which oil production joint ventures expected to increase six — fold from 0.17 million to 1 million barrels a day.

Look to the East

Russia willingly invested in industry and mining in the Eastern countries. In 2013, the information appeared about the launch of a joint with Vietnam investment projects worth $20 billion in the industry, and in scientific and technical. The latter, in particular, is the development of “atom for peace”. In addition, the Russian direct investment Fund and the Vietnam national investment Fund SCIC agreed to mutual cash infusions: in order to strengthen bilateral trade, each party’ve got an appointment to invest $250 million

Turkish-Egyptian interest

Close economic ties maintained between Russia and Turkey. In 2012, Moscow and Ankara have agreed to build Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, which would allow the state to save annually about $14 billion also Known about intention “Gazprom” to spend about $700 million for the construction of the gas pipeline called Turkish stream.

Another partner is Egypt. In 2009, the two countries signed an agreement designating as promising areas of cooperation, high technology and energy. It’s possible that this year the growth rate will only grow. During the presentation of a Russian industrial zone in Cairo have reported that investment in Russian industry in Egypt could reach $20 billion.

Near abroad

For the period from 2005 to 2014, the volume of financial investments of Russia in Kazakhstan amounted to $9.1 million for big investors — LUKOIL, “Gazprom” and “Rosneft”. Kazakhstan is considered one of the leaders in uranium reserves, which defines the cooperation of countries in the nuclear industry. Russia is also invested in transport engineering a neighboring state. A few years ago in Astana was opened a plant for the production of electric locomotives, the cost of which is estimated at €50 million.

A lot of money Russia has invested in Armenia and Belarus. For the development of Armenia spent more than $3 billion in the Belarusian trade, transport, industry and other fields has invested about $5 billion.

In Uzbekistan, Russia has invested about $700 million While during the whole time of the investment of LUKOIL exceeded $5.5 billion, VimpelCom — $1 billion, and Gazprom $400 million.

In addition, in February this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that our country invests in Kyrgyzstan more than 100 billion rubles to increase the level of gasification of the country from 22 to 60%. The project should be realized until 2030.

The legacy of the Soviet Union

In Soviet times, the country invested not only for the rise of industry, infrastructure and other sectors of foreign countries, consumption of goods exports and improving Union relations, but also to increase its influence in the world.

India, for example, the Soviet Union cooperated in the field of metallurgy, building Bhilai steel plant, which produced one third of steel in the country. Major facilities were built in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan. In total with the participation of the Soviet Union by January 1976, it was built more than 40 facilities engineering. Thanks to these investments increased the number of export goods delivered to USSR — gas from Iran, oil from Iraq, bauxite from Guinea, electricity from Mongolia.

About the objects, built by the Soviet Union abroad and the benefits the country has received thanks to these investments, you can find out in our infographic.

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