Indices on the US financial markets fell again

Indices on the US financial markets fell again


Индексы на финансовых рынках США снова упали

Investors alarmed by the criticism of three Amazon and increase duties on American imports to China

Stock indexes in the U.S. showed another drop after the new portion of criticism of the Internet giant Amazon from the President of Donald trump; meanwhile, China raised tariffs on American goods in response to trump’s decision to impose new duties on Chinese imports.

Industrial index Dow Jones Industrial Average to the middle of trading lost nearly 3 percent. The sharp losses suffered and the indexes Standard & Poor’s 500 and the Nasdaq.

In early trading in the second quarter of 2018 S&P fell below the average of the last 200 days, which was not the case during the previous three downturns over the past few weeks.

Trump over the last few days three times expressed criticism of Amazon. On Monday he wrote on Twitter: “Only fools believe our loss-making postal service earns through Amazon. They lose a fortune and it will change. In addition, our retailers, honestly paying taxes, closing stores across the country. It’s a disadvantage!”

Amid criticism of trump market value of the company fell by more than $ 37 billion.

The statement of China to raise duties on articles 128 U.S. imports for a total value of 3 billion dollars a year caused investors to fear that between the two largest economies in the world can turn full-scale trade war.

On Monday evening, Deputy press Secretary of the White house Lindsey Walters published a statement which said that China needs to stop “unfair trade practices that harm U.S. national security and cause deviations in the global markets.”