Inter-party contradictions threaten the investigation of the Russian case

Inter-party contradictions threaten the investigation of the Russian case


Межпартийные противоречия угрожают расследованиям по российскому делу

Democrats and Republicans criticized each other over the publication of transcripts from a hearing

WASHINGTON Mutual accusations and caustic criticism around the investigations of the Russian intervention in elections is gaining momentum: the administration of President Donald trump and Democrats accuse each other of manipulating the investigations, the success of which requires the consent of both parties.

“Sounds a lot of comments about obstruction of justice, and, frankly, the only people who tried to influence the investigation, former FBI Director, James Comey and the Democrats in Congress, including Senator Feinstein,” said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Democrat Dianne Feinstein representing California, this week provoked a scandal by releasing transcripts of testimony from a closed congressional hearing, which was addressed by a representative of the company hired on the initiative of the Democrats the former British spy, to compile dossiers on the relationship of the tramp with Russia.

In his testimony, co-founder of Fusion GPS Glen Simpson said Christopher Steele found “disturbing” evidence of collusion between the Kremlin and the team of trump and informed the FBI.

Trump in his Twitter criticized the “crafty Diane Feinstein” for the publication of the transcripts “as devious and possibly illegal way, without permission.”

The President also said the Russian investigation into the case “the biggest witch hunt in American history” and urged Republicans “finally take control” of this investigation.

The Democrats stood up for Feinstein, stating that she was forced to take action amid Republican attempts to hush up numerous investigations into Russian.

“It seems that the goal of the Republicans is to discredit the investigation that ultimately could discredit the findings, discrediting their party or the President”, – said Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer.

While spectracolor Robert Mueller leading an investigation about the relations with Russia on behalf of the Ministry of justice, several committees of the Senate and house of representatives began its investigation in the hope that Republicans and Democrats can put aside political differences and join forces in search of the truth.

“Bipartisan spirit broken, – said analyst Norman Ornstein of the American enterprise Institute. – All this is beyond acrimony”.

While Ornstein added that even if the investigation in Congress will come to a standstill because of partisan controversy, the real test will be whether to maintain the objectivity of the investigation Muller.