International human rights day – 10 Dec

International human rights day – 10 Dec


Международный день прав человека – 10 декабря

Editorial comment reflecting the views of the government of the United States

States that support or condone violence and discrimination against its own citizens are more likely to be exposed to extremism in its territory. If these issues have not been addressed, human rights violations, oppression and mismanagement lead to radicalization – as individuals and communities – which may evolve into a threat to international peace and security, said Deputy Secretary of state for diplomatic Affairs and public relations Steve Goldstein.

“It is obvious that in countries where there are human rights violations, terrorism is developing more actively,” said Goldstein.

“The prevention of armed extremism is Central to the work of the administration trump. The tools of democracy – a key component of our strategy to combat terrorism,” he added.

The administration of President trump is looking for ways of increasing tolerance and transparency to combat extremism and attract new voices to the debate about inclusive governance.

“We are working daily to solve problems in the field of human rights around the world, noted Goldstein. Secretary of state and other members of the administration to raise human rights issues when they meet with foreign leaders in foreign travel. We are trying to convey to them the idea that democracy plays a vital role, and that we owe it to our citizens, and the duty of world leaders to their citizens is to create an atmosphere in which human rights will grow and prosper.”

The United States will continue to promote human rights through bilateral and multilateral cooperation and public diplomacy, supporting the human rights activists and civil society organizations.