International observers criticized the elections in the United States

International observers criticized the elections in the United States


In the OSCE / ODIHR entangled in the peculiarities of the American electoral system

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The OSCE office for democratic institutions and human rights (OSCE / ODIHR) criticized the American election campaign, it should be prepared by the organization of the report about the presidential elections that will take place on 8 November. The main remarks to the U.S. — decentralization legal and electoral systems, infringement of the rights of certain categories of citizens and voting via email.

In the report of mission on needs assessment of the OSCE ODIHR (a copy of the document is at the disposal of “Izvestia”) stated that the American media is biased, and the activities of international observers are too limited. The legal framework for elections and the system of electoral bodies in the United States are decentralized and complex, their activity is primarily regulated by the legislation of the individual States, what treatments have significant difference from each other.

For example, the electoral rights of former and current prisoners are determined by the laws of the state, and if in some regions the Americans, who returned from places of imprisonment, permanently forfeit the right to vote, in other States, to return them the right to vote may, the Governor, the report of the ODIHR.

In addition, in the United States “due to various reasons do not have access to voting by some blacks,” said in the report of the OSCE. Discrimination in the US are exposed to women are “poorly represented in the political life of the country” and minorities.

In most us States citizens living abroad can vote by e-mail. This violates the principle of secret ballot, confident in the ODIHR. Doubtful, in their view, and system efficiency new election technologies used by the Americans.

As for the small political parties and independent candidates, in the opinion of the ODIHR, for their possible admission to the election in the US impose too high requirements. In particular, they need to provide a certain number of signatures in his support, that may impair their “passive suffrage”, the stress in the office. By the way, a similar claim was presented to the Russian organizers of the election (“excess registration requirements, especially in relation to independent candidates”), but parallel to it indicates the number of positive points: the electoral system transformed into a mixed, reduced the percent threshold for representation in Parliament, and independent candidates are granted the right to nominate his candidacy.

Issues of the ODIHR came to the financing of political parties and the election campaign in the United States as a whole. Financing system in the Bureau called “opaque”, stressing also that neither the Federal nor at the regional level, the election is actually not regulated.

The activities of the international observers and does not include in the legislation a number of States. The mission of the OSCE election observation can dwell only in those places where the law permitted the institution of international observation.

— Quite different was the picture on the last elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation, — draws the analogy of a member of the CEC of the Russian Federation, Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation Vasily Likhachev. We not only provided the practical interest of observers, but did Institute a universal observation. The numbers speak for themselves — came to us 774 observers from 63 countries. ODIHR statement of preliminary findings and conclusions, wrote that their representatives and the representatives of the parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE could carry out their activities without any restrictions, — he reminded.

According to him, the lack of controls on the election in the United States — the ability to bypass legislation and the preparation of the subjective market insights.

— The U.S.’s claims to superdemokraticheskih the state and especially the political legislator is not unfounded, — said Likhachev. — The final documents for the elections that will prepare ODIHR on 9 November, and then after another two months after the election, from the first insights in content will not go far. We are disappointed that the Russian side will be able to observe the elections in the US, only with remote monitoring — summed Likhachev.

The head of the Political expert group Konstantin Kalachev considers that the direct vote democratic and more accurately reflects the will of the voters than the electoral College, adopted in the United States.

In America elections are not direct, but I would not began to compare them with ours. Each country has its own political and cultural characteristics, and each state has the right to choose for themselves the model that is more organic, historically and perceived by the majority as legitimate, the political analyst said.

That to compare the two systems is incorrect, I’m sure the Director of the International Institute of political expertise Yevgeny Minchenko. He noted that each state has its rules of the game in the spirit of the American Constitution — the States are separate entities and can afford to make the necessary changes to the legislation.

— They have this approach that the system must be complex and diverse, — said Minchenko. Republicans, for example, trying to tighten the rules on voter registration, and Democrats want to liberalize them. In Russia, on the contrary, was a campaign to bring regional legislation into conformity with the Federal. The Russian system is more understandable and organized, and the us is complicated. In the United States is the radicalization of the flanks, disappearing culture of compromise and there are situations when one party blocks the other’s actions — said the expert.