Investor Jim Rogers said about the intention to buy rubles and bonds...

Investor Jim Rogers said about the intention to buy rubles and bonds of Russian


Jim Rogers

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

Investor Jim Rogers said that Russia is his favorite emerging market, where you can make good money

Speaking on the TV channel Bloomberg, Rogers said that he likes the Russian market and he expects in the case of reduction of quotations to buy more rubles, government bonds and shares.

Leading reminded Rogers that in Russia high inflation. “But the credit rate is high,” — said the investor. According to him, the positive is the moment that the Russian government frankly admits the level of inflation, whereas the Americans and the British insincere in this.

Rogers indicated that it is possible to buy the unpopular paper in the expectation that they will ever grow up and he will earn a lot of money.

A few days ago Rogers, speaking on the TV channel “Russia 24”, said that it received a record profit from investment in Russian assets. According to him, he invested in shares of “Aeroflot”, “FosAgro”, Mobimii and also purchased government bonds. And all these assets have increased.

In August last year, Rogers admitted that 47 didn’t want to invest in Russia. “I became a “bull” during the last two or three years, because he saw that in Russia there are some positive changes,” he said.

In June 2016, in an interview with RBC Rogers said he wanted to “buy more.” “I’m the most optimistic person in relation to Russia”, — he noted. According to Rogers in a few years “will be removed from Russia if not all, most of the” sanctions. “Your country will be in better shape than many others, when there are crises in other parts of the world. Don’t sell rubles, and if you want to sell, let me buy them from you,” said the investor.