iPhone 7 set fire to the car of the Australian

iPhone 7 set fire to the car of the Australian


Thank you scandal with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 — now every fire smartphone becomes the theme for news. Another victim of modern battery technology (as well as their own disregard for the laws of physics and common sense) was Australian Matt Jones.

Jones works as an instructor in surfing and going to class, left his new iPhone 7 under clothes in the car, parked by the beach. When he returned, the truck was full of smoke and smoldering between the seats was a gaping hole in the middle of which lay the charred smartphone:

Smartphone manufacturers invariably warn you in the instructions to the devices that it is impossible to prevent them from overheating. Most likely, Apple is the cause of the incident (the company is already investigating the incident) will call it for improper use. Temperature in a closed car in the sun (Australia is now in full swing spring) can quickly exceed 70 degrees Celsius, and lying on top of the smartphone clothing additionally contributes to heating the body.

Source: BGR