Japanese insurance company will pass on to the shoulders of the AI...

Japanese insurance company will pass on to the shoulders of the AI 90% of administrative tasks


Japanese insurance company Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance decided to charge to 90 percent administrative work artificial intelligence, freeing employees from routine tasks. It is noteworthy that the company does not plan on downsizing, and you’re going to take the released employees in the sales Department, — writes Asia Nikkei.

The benefits of automation for the insurance company is obvious: artificial intelligence algorithms will sort the documents responsive to the requests of customers, process applications and do other rather dull things. At first it is planned to give the AI a fifth of the total load, which was previously assumed.

While preparing for the introduction of AI is in full swing, about fifteen thousand employees, previously engaged in sorting letters and other similar tasks that have already started to undergo training — part of the released workers are expected to translate into sales, and the rest will take new places in the departments of quality control and developing new insurance programs. In addition, vacant staff will involve and in other positions where the AI will not be able to replace humans.

For example Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance shows that introducing the AI does not have to lay off valuable employees — the world is still full of jobs that artificial intelligence was never able to master.