Japanese Internet company will pay employees in Bitcoin

Japanese Internet company will pay employees in Bitcoin


Japanese conglomerate, GMO Internet Group announced that employees from February 2018, they will be able to receive part of their salary in bitcoin. Under the new scheme, employees will be able to replace bitcoin amount from 88 to 881 of the dollar owed to them of salaries.

The first payment in Bitcoins will be able to get the staff of division GMO Internet Co. Ltd, which is engaged in the construction of Internet networks and support of Internet services of the concern. But over time, partial payment for a month in Bitcoin will be able to get the rest of the employees, just the state of the official number more than 4,700.

The company’s representatives are sure that such approach to the issue of wages will increase staff interest in digital coins and pushing them to a better understanding of cryptocurrencies and related processes.

Received the yen, everyone will be able to exchange for Bitcoins at the rate set by the crypto currency exchange company, this company has already established a special cryptomate. The limit of exchange — BTC can be changed from ten to a hundred thousand yen. Part of the wages paid in cryptophyte will do to the wallets of employees at the same time with conventional money.

GMO tries to keep up with the times, so the earlier the concern launched its own platform for cryptocurrency trading. In addition, its leadership is planning to invest a large amount of mining.

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