Jared Kushner met with Benjamin Netanyahu

Jared Kushner met with Benjamin Netanyahu


Джаред Кушнер встретился с Биньямином Нетаньяху

The administration of the tramp tries to resolve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians

Son-in-law and Advisor to the President of the United States Donald trump Jared Kushner on Thursday resumed talks on resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestinians in the framework of the attempts of the US administration to achieve a peace agreement between the two losing patience with the parties.

Renewed efforts to solve the problem, Kouchner began with a meeting with the leader of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem; later he plans to meet with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

“The President is strongly focused on achieving solutions that will allow you to bring prosperity and peace to all people of the region,” said Kouchner, speaking in Jerusalem.

According to Netanyahu, they Kouchner was going to discuss “how to promote peace, stability and security in the region,” which, in his opinion, “achievable”.

Kouchner was escorted assistant trump Jason Greenblatt and Deputy national security Advisor Dina Powell. The delegation also held talks with the leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Jordan.

In the past trump has stated that he hopes to promote the “final agreement” between Israelis and Palestinians. During the election campaign and after taking office, he spoke with openly Pro-Israel rhetoric, however, Palestinian leaders did not rule out the possibility of achievement of the agreement.

Now they are losing patience. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Palestinian authority Riyad Malki on Thursday said in an interview with radio station “Voice of Palestine” that during the visit of Kouchner, the Palestinians will try to get “clear answers”.

“The answers to these questions will allow us to say whether we have a historic chance to start a peace process that can end the occupation, or those visits is nothing more than a waste of time,” said Malki.

He added that he plans to ask Kouchner about the views of States on the independence of the Palestinian territories and the Israeli settlements