JD.com launch its network of robotic stores

JD.com launch its network of robotic stores


Chinese online retailer JD.com announced that he is going to open a chain of stores that will not be sellers and queues at the box office — the latest developments of the company will serve customers independently.

According to the manual JD.com the customer service system is already tested on the employees of the company and is ready for the mass launch project. Technology robotic shopping, noted in the company, are the most advanced. At the moment tested the face recognition system that replaces the sellers in future stores. Tracking product will be implemented on RFID tags, and the sale will automatically take place. In addition, now for the stores JD are special thermal cameras that track the flow of customers and their position relative to the shelves with goods — they will help to study the demand for certain things.

The developers of “smart store,” JD said, if their technology will be able to buy and adapt to your needs everyone.

In the beginning of the year to open a fully automated store tried Amazon, but immediately encountered some difficulties. Its facial recognition system worked properly, starting to get lost, seeing a group of buyers from several people, and if the room were more than twenty visitors, the store refused to serve visitors.