Joe Biden: “the Kleptocracy in Russia trying to protect themselves”

Joe Biden: “the Kleptocracy in Russia trying to protect themselves”


Джо Байден: «Клептократия в России пытается защитить себя»

However, former Vice President of the United States believes that sooner or later Moscow will have to improve relations with the West

Former Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden sure that they understand in the Kremlin that can’t compete with the West, and therefore use strategy to split military and political alliances, created democratic States.

“They can’t compete with the unified West, and I think Putin understands this,’ said Joe Biden, speaking in waligorska the Council on foreign relations (CFR) on Tuesday. – So he does everything to destroy established after the Second world war literally world, including NATO and the European Union”.

Former Vice-President together with the former Undersecretary of defense Michael carpenter presented in the CFR co-authored the article “How to resist the Kremlin: defending democracy from its enemies”, which is already out in the January / February issue of Foreign Affairs magazine.

The deterioration of relations between the West and Russia, Joe Biden does not consider “cold war”.

“This is an exaggeration, he said. – The cold war was based on ideological confrontation, and here… kleptocracy tries to defend himself. For kleptocracy is much easier to exist if you’re dealing with 28 separate countries, not a single Union of States acting as a United front”.

Michael carpenter is confident that in today’s confrontation with the world Kremlin pursues a “three strategic goals”.

“One of them is to weaken Western democracies from the inside, the other to make an internal split in NATO and the European Union in order to then deal with individual States, not a United front, he said. – And the third goal is to undermine law-based international order that, from the point of view of Moscow, is the United States.”

According to the former Vice-President of the United States, Russia’s actions are becoming more dangerous, but the West should not “cornering” the Kremlin leadership: sooner or later, Moscow will have to begin improving relations with the outside world.

“What will you do, if you are democratic (elected) leader of Russia? asked Joe Biden. – How will you provide jobs for its citizens? How will you develop the country, if not improve relations with the West? I am not so naive, in the last administration, I very strongly spoke about Putin and Russia…But that does not mean that the situation will not change.”

Joe Biden believes that one of the possible areas of cooperation may be the joint settlement of the situation in Syria.

“What is happening in Syria is a classic example of the greatest puzzles that we have to deal,” said the former Vice President.

According to him, Moscow is willing to accept that the Russian side for quite a long time will have to deal with “divided country”, sharing responsibility with the international coalition forces led by the United States.

In addition, without the participation of Moscow it is impossible to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in the East of Ukraine, said Biden. However, he is convinced that even the most determined efforts will not succeed if the Ukrainian authorities do not cope with the growing problem of corruption.

“I am very concerned about the fact that Kiev returned to corruption, he said. – I’ll give you a concrete example. I came to Ukraine. And I remember how I was convinced our team that we need to give them guarantee of the loan. I flew 12 or 13 times in Kiev. And I had to announce that there will be a guarantee of a loan for one billion dollars. And I got a promise from Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk that they will take action against the attorney General, but they did nothing. When they came to the press conference, I said that we will not give them a billion dollars.”

Continuing differences with Moscow are not yet cause for full-scale conflict, I’m sure Joe Biden.

“We cannot allow the conflict between Russia and the United States, he said. – We should explain that this is actually a conflict between the Russian kleptocracy and oligarchy, and citizens of Russia. There is no country in the world that feels comfortable in a flourishing widespread corruption. We can do a lot, explaining that Russia violated (basic international) standards, but at the same time continuing cooperation and negotiation on strategic issues”.