Kadyrov asked his supporters to remove defamatory Emelianenko record

Kadyrov asked his supporters to remove defamatory Emelianenko record


The Head Of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov

Photo: said tsarnaev/RIA Novosti

Kadyrov appealed to his supporters with a request to remove the publication, “involving the honour and dignity” Fedor Emelianenko. He also noted that the League “realized the mistake”. The fighter had previously criticized the holding in Grozny children’s fights

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has called “an urgent request” to his supporters asking them not to write discrediting the honor of a fighter Fedor Emelianenko publication, and those who have written, remove. “You can’t force passion, to hurt the honor of the man”, — wrote Kadyrov in his Instagram. Emelianenko previously criticized the conduct of the children fighting in Grozny, which was attended by Kadyrov’s young sons.

The head of Chechnya believes that “Fedor Vladimirovich realized the mistake”, explaining that Emelianenko was removed from your page in Instagram “photo boy.” “We need to be tolerant to each other, not to get personal when discussing issues of public importance. Us and so surrounds too unfriendly world,” — wrote Kadyrov.

The head of Chechnya also called “action man” that Emelianenko understands “the haste in the organization of the tournament”. According to Kadyrov, if Emelianenko has studied all the issues related to the tournament, the evaluation could be quite different.

“To paraphrase a famous saying of ancient times, we can say that allowed to the average citizen is not permissible for a national hero! Experience, authority and ability of such people should not be squandered. They must serve the Fatherland, the consolidation of our society in the name of Russia!”, — concluded the head of Chechnya.

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Tournament Grand Prix Akhmat-2016, which in addition to adult athletes participated three sons Kadyrov: ten-year-old Ahmad, a nine year old Zelimkhan and eight-year-old Adam, was held in Grozny on 4 October. The next day, Emelianenko criticized in Instagram children’s participation in the tournament. He published a post which was a picture of the children in the ring at the time of the battle. In the description Emelyanenko noted that, according to the official rules of the sport, athletes up to 21 years of age must enter the ring in a helmet and pads, and 12 years in special clothes.

Kadyrov subsequently responded to the criticism of Fedor Emelianenko children’s fights. The head of Chechnya said that “to put photos of other children and provoke beneath unflattering comments is a direct violation of ethics and morality“. Later, Emelianenko took the photo with the children, putting in place her own photos.

Scandal commented on in the Kremlin, stating that the Supervisory authorities should be interested in holding children’s fighting in Chechnya.

The children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova, in turn, said that it is important to thoroughly investigate the incident. The Commissioner for children’s rights in Chechnya Khamzat Khirakhmatov on the same day replied that there were no violations of the rights of the child.

On Friday on the website Change.org appeared the petition to protect Emelianenko. 10 hours from the moment of creation, the petition has garnered more than 40 thousand signatures.