“Kalashnikov” was released a non-lethal gun to destroy the drone. Video

“Kalashnikov” was released a non-lethal gun to destroy the drone. Video


Direct fire violators

Concern “Kalashnikov” in the framework of military-technical forum “Army-2017” was first shown in action REX electromagnetic gun 1. The novelty is designed to destroy all types of unmanned aerial vehicles, including multicoverage type used on land and water surfaces and located at a distance of direct visibility.

Current level of development of drone technologies and their accessibility, the degree of potential danger in the use of aircraft for illegal purposes against individuals or public and state interests, became the main reason for the development of the gun REX 1.

In addition to protecting the protected objects from drones-offenders, and the protection and security of VIPs, security on protected objects, including during mass events and in the implementation of special counter-terrorism events, a new electromagnetic weapons can also be useful in demining operations and in the fight against improvised explosive devices that are activated by mobile phone signal.

Electromagnetic gun REX 1 full snap