“Kaspersky” has written an application to search for spies in “the clever...

“Kaspersky” has written an application to search for spies in “the clever house”


Mobile control center Internet of things

“Kaspersky lab” presented a solution for the smart home and Internet of things – IoT Kaspersky Scanner (Kaspersky Smart Home & IoT Scanner). The solution is a free app for devices running the operating system Android from version 4.1 and later.

Kaspersky IoT Scanner scans your home wifi network and reports the user about the connected devices as well as on the level of security of each of them.

Currently in the Google Play beta version of the application Kaspersky IoT Scanner.

Now the app is able to recognize in automatic mode a significant list of various devices connected to the wireless network. The list includes both Wi-Fi routers, IP cameras, TV sets with Smart TV functionality, printers with Wi-Fi interface, network-attached storage (NAS), media servers, game consoles and any computers, tablets or smartphones.

In “Kaspersky Lab” said that this list will be consistently updated with new devices.

IoT Kaspersky Scanner remembers every “legally” connected. Each time you connect or disconnect already known to the device or connect a new device, the app will notify user about the event, thus ensuring the continuous monitoring and control of all connections to your home network.

IoT Kaspersky Scanner reports about connecting a new device