“Kaspersky lab” has detected a Trojan stealing bitcoin

“Kaspersky lab” has detected a Trojan stealing bitcoin


The specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” found Trojan Mezzo, substituting the details in the file exchange between the Bank and accounting systems. Malicious software attacks the fresh text files accounting software. If after a few minutes after the file is created the employee will open the dialog to send information to the Bank, the Trojan submenu details or completely the submenu file on the fake. According to experts, the Trojan can be used to spoof the recipient’s purses digital currency.

“Code analysis also showed that malware can be linked to another notorious Trojan hunting for cryptocurrency – CryptoShuffler. Experts “Kaspersky Lab” found that the code Mezzo and programs AlinaBot that load CryptoShuffler, almost identical to the last line. Apparently, the two malware are the same virus writers and, therefore, their interest can also affect cryptococal users” — the press-service of the company.

Trojan spreads via third party Downloader programs, and then infects your PC, it identificeret and transmits the information to the server. While Mezzo has infected very few computers, so a full-scale epidemic speech does not go.

Previously, developers Cryptoshuffler were able to steal a total of about 160 thousand dollars, as the Trojan was executed rather clumsily, but security experts believe that the activity of Mezzo can be the first bell, showing the training of hackers to more serious action.

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