Kerry urged to investigate attacks Russia and Syria as a war crime

Kerry urged to investigate attacks Russia and Syria as a war crime


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The head of the US state Department John Kerry urged to investigate the actions of Russia and Syria as “war crimes”. As an example, the Secretary called the attacks on hospitals, which, according to him, the cause Moscow and Damascus

The actions of the Syrian government forces and the Russian military must be investigated as war crimes. This was stated by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, reports Reuters.

“Russia and the Assad regime, the world needs more than explanations for why they continue to launch attacks on hospitals, medical institutions, and women and children,” said Kerry before meeting with foreign Minister of France.

According to the head of the state Department, such action requires “a proper investigation as war crimes”. “Those who carried out their will and have to answer for what happened,” he said.

According to Kerry, last night Syrian forces launched a new attack on a hospital in Aleppo, which killed 20 people, another 100 people were wounded.

According to data of the international organization “Doctors without borders”, of July of this year, eight hospitals in Eastern Aleppo was caused at least 23 strikes. Two major health facilities in which operations are carried out under fire five times each, and one from October was forced to stop work, the statement of the organization.

Over the past two weeks in Aleppo was officially registered 377 killed in the bombing, say “Doctors without borders”.

Government forces in the besieged Eastern Aleppo remain about 250 thousand people. They are completely isolated and suffer from lack of basic goods, the statement said. The fuel shortage has affected the activities of ambulances and hospitals, said the organization.