Klintsevich: Russia pushing for a boycott of “Eurovision”

Klintsevich: Russia pushing for a boycott of “Eurovision”


About it the Senator wrote in a Facebook
Plot: The Eurovision Song Contest

Photo: TASS/Maria Antipina

Kiev’s proposal to send on “Eurovision” another participant from Russia is Yulia Samoilova will not even be considered, said a member of the Federation Council Frants Klintsevich.

Earlier, the Ukrainian authorities stated that Samoilova there are “problems with the Ukrainian legislation”, as she performed in the Crimea.

“The proposal of the Ukrainian authorities to send on “Eurovision” to another participant, or the participant will not even be considered,” wrote Klintsevich in the social network.

“Take it off (the condition of Kiev. — Ed.) means to agree that Yulia Samoylova, speaking in the Crimea, on the territory of Russia, has violated any Ukrainian laws. This is absurd, nonsense, utter nonsense,” said the Senator on his page in Facebook.

Moreover, Yulia Samoilova “throughout his life he deserved, but rather earned the right to speak at the “Eurovision,” said the Klintsevich. “The adoption of a decision would be a betrayal to her,” said the Senator, noting that Russia is pushing for a boycott of “Eurovision”.

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