Kommersant learned about the role of radicals in the reduction of the...

Kommersant learned about the role of radicals in the reduction of the savings Bank of Ukraine


Photo: Alexander Rybin / TASS

Shares of the Ukrainian radicals made Sberbank’s management significantly reduce the price of the sale of its Ukrainian “daughter”. Their actions brought down the price stronger than the official sanctions of the Kiev authorities against Russian banks

Sberbank will sell its Ukrainian assets structures Grigory Guselnikova and said Gutseriev for $130 million, the newspaper “Kommersant”.

This amount, according to the newspaper, comparable to the Ukrainian capital of PJSC “Sberbank”: according to international reports, January—September 2016, it is $144 million.

The newspaper’s sources said that the buyer will receive all the money immediately after the entry into force of the contract of sale.

According to interlocutors of the edition, negotiations with investors Bank led to the end of 2016 and requested a “substantially higher.” “The source was discussed significantly the higher the amount of the transaction, but the sanctions imposed by the President of Ukraine against Russian banks in mid-March, greatly altered the situation. Even more than sanctions, the situation was exacerbated by the actions of Ukrainian radicals, who followed after the message of the savings Bank on servicing citizens with passports of the LC and the DNI. They were acting extremely aggressive, blockaded the offices created a panic situation around the Bank”, — said the source.

In these circumstances, it became apparent that the savings Bank must quickly sell the Bank, told the newspaper. The seller has made concessions on the price to speed up the deal, confirmed another source.

As previously wrote RBC, after the completion of the sale of Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank one of the buyers — the owner of Norvik banka Grigory Guselnikov said that the protest of the Ukrainian radicals had no effect on the final cost of the asset. “We have all these street actions from the point of view of the essential part of the negotiations, no do not pay attention and did not pay,” — said the businessman. He added that at the time the transaction is “matched” with the protests.

In early March, the normal operation of many branches of Sberbank in Ukraine was in fact blocked because of the actions of the protesters. In Ternopil and Kiev the entrance to the Bank they had blocked with concrete blocks. Also ceased to function normally and Sberbank in the river.

March 16 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has approved the proposal of the national Bank of Ukraine on the introduction of sanctions against five banks with Russian state capital. Sanctions were imposed for a period of one year. According to the national Bank, under the sanctions were Sberbank, VTB, BM-Bank, Prominvestbank and VS Bank. Among the sanctions — the ban on banks to withdraw funds outside the country.

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The agreement on the sale of Ukrainian “daughter”of Sberbank announced on March 27. Buyers of the asset was made by the son of Mikhail Gutseriev said Gutseriyev, and former President of the Bank, and now owner of Norvik Banka Grigory Guselnikov.

Guselnikov said, after the completion of the transaction, the Ukrainian savings Bank will change the brand. “It [the Bank] will be renamed. Apparently, he will be named Norvik banka’s because he is a child of European Norvik banka” — said Gusel’nikov, stressing that the brand change would work in the interests of both the buyer and the seller.