Las Vegas Orthodox

Las Vegas Orthodox


Лас-Вегас православный

The seventh of January, the entire Orthodox world celebrated Christmas. The crew of “voice of America” visited the Russian Church of Las Vegas, which to this day has the very unusual members.

Only in Las Vegas Russian Orthodox Church is located in a small, inconspicuous building. Five years ago, Russians living in the city, began to gather for joint prayers and services. A year ago, they managed to acquire that building. Today this area they plan to build a big beautiful Church.

In appearance it is hardly possible to understand, that is the Church. But the inside is amazing and the decoration and the atmosphere. Among the treasures is the icon of the mother of God. A year ago her features were indistinguishable, today it brightens. It’s an icon of the Holy virgin of the 20-ies of the Orthodox chapel, San Francisco, which was prayed by those who fled from the revolution.

Recently the temple has been enriched with icon of Georgian God’s Mother, which the member Kakha brought a gift from Tbilisi.

“I like, says Kakha, that there is an Orthodox Church. My wife is American, and I like that the service is in English. I wish Georgia was the same way.”

English praying and Boris a descendant of the famous in the Russian Empire, princes Miloradovicha. His father came here from Ukraine pursued by the Soviet authorities.

Boris Miloradovich said: “My father was afraid they may have to find and kill, so never taught us the language and kept the past a secret even from ourselves. Today, I strive to learn from our history”.

Every Sunday he wears a traditional Ukrainian shirt and goes to Church. For him it is the opportunity to feel, as he says, deeply entrenched in the relationship with the homeland of their ancestors.

Father Bishop Nicholas the Serb origin. For many years he built and headed the Serbian Orthodox Church, but admits that Russian tradition is closer to his heart.

Bishop Nicholas said that the Serbs love their Church, but they do not go. Russian love and come. My Russian is very faithful to his Church. I like it. Say I’m strict. The Russian Church itself is strict, the most strict of all Orthodox churches, because we follow their rules.”

“My Russian,” he said of his parishioners. To buy this land, he took out a loan at your own house. And now, with hobby shows the place where, God willing, will one day be built a new Orthodox Church in Las Vegas.