Lawmakers are concerned about reports of attempts by trump to fire Muller

Lawmakers are concerned about reports of attempts by trump to fire Muller


Законодатели обеспокоены сообщениями о попытках Трампа уволить Мюллера

Senators Collins and Graham stated the need for the adoption of the law on the protection of spectaculorum

Congress needs to take a new look at the legislative initiative on the protection of the special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and investigate possible relationships of the headquarters of the trump with Russia after last year’s attempts by President Donald trump to fire him, said Sunday two other Republican Senator.

In two separate television interview, senators Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham expressed concern about reports that the President trump demanded that the White house counsel gave to the Ministry of justice dismissing Muller.

Законодатели обеспокоены сообщениями о попытках Трампа уволить Мюллера

“I have a bill on the protection of Mueller, and I’ll be glad to pass it tomorrow,” said Graham, speaking in the “this week” on channel ABC.

Collins said, speaking in the program “state of the Union” on CNN: “it Will be useful to take additional measures, given recent events.”

Tensions in connection with the investigation, which is headed by Mueller, dominates President of the trump in the period when it is preparing to issue the first report to Congress “On the situation in the country” on Tuesday.

The New York Times reported Thursday that in June, trump instructed the White house counsel Donald Makhanu to fire Muller, but retreated when Boston threatened to resign, but not to execute the order of the President.

An informed source told Reuters that the order of the trump “got” Makhana. He never issued an ultimatum directly to the President, but said the then chief of staff of the White house Rains Primus and former chief strategist Steve Bannon that he wants to quit, the sources said.

Graham and three democratic senators in August introduced a bill on the protection of special prosecutors, including Mueller, who suggests that any decision on their dismissal must be approved by the Commission from Federal judges.

The likelihood of passing such a law, however, is quite low. Republicans in the House of representatives has shown little interest in this idea.

The Republicans are the majority in the House of representatives and the Senate.

Mueller is investigating possible collusion by colleagues trump and the Kremlin during the presidential elections in 2016. Russia denies such collusion, and trump has repeatedly called the investigation a “witch hunt”.

Collins and Graham said they saw no signs that currently trump is trying to dismiss Muller.

“I think the President came to mind was a bad idea,’ said Collins. – He spoke with his legal counsel, who explained the perturbed and frustrated the President, why is this idea bad.”

“It is clear to me that everybody in this White house know that the presidency, trump will come to an end, if he tries to dismiss Muller’s,” said Graham.