Lawmakers demand change in Facebook policy after a data breach

Lawmakers demand change in Facebook policy after a data breach


Законодатели требуют перемен в политике Facebook после утечки данных

The head of Facebook Zuckerberg has promised to strengthen control over the placement of political advertising and to stop the hateful rhetoric

The head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg, who on Tuesday responded to sharp questions from members of the two committees of the Senate on Wednesday will again come to Congress to participate in the hearings of the house Committee on the transparency of its social network and privacy protection of its users.

Legislators need to strengthen protection measures after a data breach that affected tens of millions of users.

“It is clear that there was a Subversion of the trust of consumers and – apparently – invalid data transmission,” – said the head of the legal Committee, Chuck Grassley.

“It was my mistake and I apologize,” said Zuckerberg.

The senators demanded that the head of Facebook action.

“If you and other social networks will not bring order at home, none of us will remain right to privacy – said a senior Democrat in the Committee on trade bill Nelson. – If Facebook and other Internet companies will not stop or will not stop the violation of privacy, it will have to do for us Congress”.

Zuckerberg was called at the hearing, after the appearance of reports that personal data of millions of Facebook users have been collected, without their knowledge, the British company Cambridge Analytica, which was engaged in the profiling of voters. The company’s services were used by the election headquarters of the President of the United States Donald trump to work with probable supporters for the 2016 elections.

Zuckerberg has promised to increase the protection of Facebook users. Head of social network spoke with pride about how Facebook connects people for the greater good, but at the same time acknowledged that the company did not show sufficient activity to protect their users from inappropriate use of data about them, as well as from the distributors of malicious messages.

“I founded Facebook, and I run by them. And I am responsible for everything that happens there,” said Zuckerberg.

Earlier this week, Facebook began to notify 87 million users, whose personal data may have got to Cambridge Analytica.

Zuckerberg promised that Facebook company will identify and, if necessary, will deprive other firms access to its platform, and provide 2.2 billion users and close access to third-party companies to use their applications.

The senators also wanted to receive assurances that Facebook and other social networks will block the fake accounts of Russian origin, who spread divisive messages during and after the US elections in 2016.

“We will verify the identity of each advertiser placing political ads, said Zuckerberg. – We will do it for [large] pages [Facebook users], which will significantly complicate attempts of Russian intervention or other dubious efforts to spread misinformation online.” (Insert my, based on the transcripts of the hearings. In the original he said, ‘ we’re going to do the same verification of the identity and location of admins who are running large pages. Without this, it turns out that all users will be required to present a passport – AA)

Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy noted that abuse social network not limited to the United States. According to him, Facebook was used to spread hateful rhetoric against minority Rohingya in Burma.

“Recently, the UN investigators have accused Facebook in particular of involvement in the incitement of a possible genocide in Myanmar, and there really was a genocide,” said Leahy.

“We’re working on it,’ answered Zuckerberg. – We hire dozens of additional specialists in the analysis of content with knowledge of the Burmese language. Because hateful rhetoric is very strongly associated with a particular language, it is difficult to identify, not having people who speak the language, and we need to significantly intensify their efforts in this regard.”

To date social networks mainly regulate themselves. Several senators said that Congress should consider measures to protect users of those platforms.

“What will we tell our voters, given what’s happening? Why we should allow you to self-regulate?” asked Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

“I’m not saying that there should be no regulation,’ said Zuckerberg. – I think the main issue, given the growing importance of the Internet in people’s lives, is: what is good regulation?”

The head of Facebook has promised to submit proposals on regulation of social networks and to work with Congress on the formulation of the bill.

The social network faced with the negative reaction of some groups of consumer protection. Members of the movement #DeleteFacebook (“Delete Facebook”) on Tuesday gathered outside the hall where took place hearings.

“We knew that they have your data, but I am concerned about the scale of the leak. What do they know about my children and grandchildren?” asked a woman named Alison.

Lawmakers have promised to hold in the near future separate hearings on the activities of the Cambridge Analytica.